Account Executive

We’re not just another big company looking for another sales person. And we’re not looking for just anyone to fill a quota.

We’re looking for someone with a couple of years’ experience (still early in their sales career), but who’s really incredibly talented and who we can teach. This isn’t little league–we are really good at what we do and we know how to sell, too. We pay more (more base and more commission), and we expect more. Our offerings are easy to sell—people want them, but it takes building relationships and trust. We are not the cheap option, and we have extremely sophisticated clients.

We do cutting edge work with AI, data analytics, cyber-security, compliance, and regular-old IT (albeit advanced work for forward thinking clients), and we even integrate some cognitive science into some of the things we’re working on. We don’t expect anyone coming in to know all these things—we’ll provide both training on the technical side, and mentoring on the sales and business side, but don’t bother applying if you don’t learn fast—there are a lot of very smart people out there, and we want to know why you are better than all of them.

In the first two months, we will teach you both the art and the mechanics of selling. If you’ve seen how badly a big company does it, half of our job will already be done, and we’ll just need to teach you how to do it right. We’ll show you how to use your creative talents to attract new clients, handle objections, and network effectively, and we’ll teach you to leverage our team to close business. Yes, we do it differently, better. And yes, we’ll teach you how we do it.

This won’t be a job where you sit at a desk. We’ll expect you to be meeting with clients. This isn’t farming. It is hunting. People will take your meetings, but you will have to bring value to every meeting you go to. You’ll need to know how to improve their businesses. We’ll teach you. If you learn well, your commissions will show it.

If you get technology, have some talent for business, and you’re looking for a hockey stick change in your career trajectory, see if you have what it takes to work here.

Contact us or send us an email to Be sure to attach a cover letter to your resume. Tell us why you want to work here.