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In 2003, Steve Walker founded Cobaltix. The company is based in San Francisco, California and provides IT outsourcing and network consulting services to businesses around the United States as well as around the world.

In 2015, Cobaltix's growth caused the company's time to become increasingly more devoted to compliance, so Steve decided the time was right to create an independent company to handle these compliance needs. Thus Cobaltix Compliance was set into motion. Cobaltix Compliance has the same dedication to providing high-level service and expertise as its sister company.

Steve (L) and Cameron (R) pause during their Gibraltar swim in 2015.

Steve (L) and Cameron (R) after swimming the Strait of Gibraltar in 2015.

Steve met Cameron Bellamy in Spain in 2015 as the two were preparing to complete an ultra-marathon, open-water swim from Spain to Morocco. As Steve and Cameron began talking before the swim, Steve saw that Cameron - who was working at Standard & Poor's in London - would be a perfect fit as a partner in starting and running Cobaltix Compliance. Planning began shortly after both men successfully completed the swim.

Cobaltix Compliance works especially with SEC-regulated firms, and has also done work in the past for entities regulated by the FDIC, HIPAA, California Department of Insurance, EU, FINRA, and PCI. Cobaltix Compliance's field of work includes providing risk assessments, creating policies and procedures, performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and conducting vendor due diligence.

The company assists clients in becoming as secure as possible against outside attacks, and it works to ensure that clients  meet the latest regulatory requirements. Cobaltix Compliance offers clients an opportunity to work with a boutique firm with extensive expertise in the area of cybersecurity.

As both Cameron and Steve swim closer to completing the "Oceans7" - the marathon swimming equivalent of mountaineering's Seven Summits - they are also helping the company to grow and they are focused on helping clients navigate regulatory environments, improve security, and reduce overall risk.

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